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Hair Care Tips

All black hair is a natural 1B color


Black straight and Body Wave Hair: Co Wash hair before you install. ALWAYS use heat protectant and serum (biosilk is recommended) so your hair can have a beautiful luster to it. Recommended products are in the description of EVERY PRODUCT!

Bleaching/Lightening: lightening our hair is safe. Professional help is recommended. You must wash all chemicals out to have a silky natural luster (neautralizer shampoo is recommended) Pantene and/or Bed Head brand is recommended (you’ll know all chemicals are out when the bubbles are gone rinsing the hair.) 

Wash at least three times a month. Hair can last you over 2 years with proper care. All hair is natural black.


Black Curly Hair: CO WASH before installing. Apply a sheen spray or serum for a beautiful luster look. ALWAYS CO WASH (conditioner) CURLY/WAVY hair. To tame a curly look ALWAYS put conditioner throughout the entire strand. Recommended products are OGX BRAND, Bed Head, Mixed Chicks, and sulfate products. All hair is natural black. 


613 Blonde Hair: CO WASH before installing. ALWAYS use conditioner on blonde hair.... never Shampoo. Apply a serum so the hair can have a beautiful luster. Shampoo dries out all processed hair (curly or blonde.) 



Any type of Lace: Use 91% alcohol and a damp rag GENTLY to clean lace if you apply glue to it.



Hot Comb and LM Wax stick is recommended for a sleek look!





COLD WATER ONLY! (Goes for all hair types)