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Hair Care Tips

All dark hair is a natural 1B color


Black straight and Body Wave Hair: Co Wash hair before you install. ALWAYS use heat protectant and serum (biosilk is recommended) so your hair can have a beautiful luster to it. Recommended products are in the description of EVERY PRODUCT!

Bleaching/Lightening: lightening our hair is safe. Professional help is recommended. You must wash all chemicals out to have a silky natural luster (neautralizer shampoo is recommended) Pantene and/or Bed Head brand is recommended (you’ll know all chemicals are out when the bubbles are gone rinsing the hair.) 

Wash at least three times a month. Hair can last you over 2 years with proper care. All hair is natural black.


Black Wavy/Curly Hair: CO WASH before installing. Apply a sheen spray or serum for a beautiful luster look. ALWAYS CO WASH (conditioner) CURLY/WAVY hair. To tame a curly look ALWAYS put conditioner throughout the entire strand. Recommended products are OGX BRAND, Bed Head, Mixed Chicks, and sulfate free products. All hair is natural black. Detangle hair EVERY NIGHT!


613 Blonde Hair: CO WASH before installing. ALWAYS use conditioner on blonde hair.... never Shampoo. Apply a serum so the hair can have a beautiful luster. Shampoo dries out all processed hair (curly or blonde.) Avoid using paroben, and alcohol in hair products. 



Any type of Lace: Use 91% alcohol and a damp rag GENTLY to clean lace if you apply glue to it.



 If wefts are cut seal the wefts with clear hair glue to minimize shedding. 



Hot Comb and LM Wax stick is recommended for a sleek look!





COLD WATER ONLY! (Goes for all hair types)