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🌸Lash Care Tips

 How to Apply:
1. Remove the lash GENTLY from the lash tray with your favorite pair of tweezers.
2. Cut off unnecessary lash band on each end of the lash. 
3. Carefully, apply your lash glue to the lash band. (Not a lot of glue)
4. Let lash glue dry for 30 seconds BEFORE applying.
5. Place your lashes on top of your lash line. 
6. Take a pic and tag us on IG!
Washing/Cleaning your Lashes:
1. Run warm/hot water into 2 bowls. 
2. Lightly, Place Dawn dish soap or Baby shampoo into your bowl and mix til it’s soapy. 
3. Place your lash inside the bowl and let sit for at least 5 minutes. Comb through the lash with a spooly the last minute. 
4. Place your lash inside the clean bowl of water. Let sit for 2 minutes. 
5. Place your lashes on a dry towel. Either air dry or blow dry until it’s to your fluffy liking. 

Comb the lashes with a spooley or brow comb everytime you wear our lashes for the best whispy look  
All lashes are 100% Siberian Mink Fur. 
Can wear up to 40x + with proper care.